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LED Lenser Torches 450-999 Lumens

The LED Lenser torches in this high power section are top specification and build quality for the professional. The M range are from the Multi Function Range and the P are from the Professional Series (R) usually stands for rechargeable. If you really want the biggest Lumen Range we have it. You may als have cause to use our top professional head lamp range.

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LED Lenser LED8317R M17R Focusing Pro Torch 450m 850 lumens
The LED Lenser® M17R is a heavy-duty rechargeable large torch that is both supremely robust and highly-equipped. The M17R incorporates newly developed cutting-edge battery technology designed to take it’s rechargeable performance to a new level. The M17R features the latest CREE® Xtreme LED light chip, the patented LED Lenser® Advanced Focus System™ for spot to flood beam lighting and Smart Light Technology™ - a clever micro-chip controller that enables a wide selection of lighting options. Two energy modes (Energy Saving, and Constant Current), four light programs (Low, Action, Signal, Defence), and eight light functions (Power, Low Power, Dim, Boost, Blink, S.O.S., Morse/Tactical Task, Defence Strobe) are all selectable via the embedded Smart Light Technology. In addition to outstanding performance and practical lighting functions, the M17R incorporates a revolutionary new high-efficiency battery, the Safety Ytrion Battery®. This newly developed Lithium-ion phosphate rechargeable battery, is based on technology, up to now only found in electric cars, and provides faster charging, more charging cycles, very low self-discharge, and a wider temperature operating range. Alongside this new battery power cell, useful functions such as battery life display, residual time display, and charging indicator, are clearly illuminated via a 360° ten-stage power indicator dial. The M17R really packs a powerful punch. It’s 850 lumen output when combined with the Advanced Focus System™ results in a light that will shine an amazing 450 metres. On the low power setting (120 lumens), an incredible day and a half (36 hours) burn time, is easily achieved.  It features the newly developed Fast Action Switch™ for instant light program selection, and the ingenious Floating Charge System PRO™ which provides a wear-free magnetic contact and easy fuss-free charging (no need to remove the battery for charging). The Ytrion battery can be fully charged in an astonishing 2.5 hours. The M17R is the ideal choice for those that value energy-efficient, rechargeable, and long-lasting LED lighting, in tough and demanding working conditions. The M17R is supplied with a heavy-duty belt clip and charging cradle, packed in a bespoke durable case for storage and transportation. The revolutionary new M17R heavy-duty rechargeable Xtreme torch is designed to deliver supreme illumination, reliability, and performance in any environment. Rechargeable large sized hand-held torch optimised for heavy-duty use designed to deliver supreme illumination, reliability, and performance in any environment Energy efficient CREE® Xtreme LED light-chip State-of-the-art reliable German engineering Advanced Safety Ytrion Cell®  battery technology. Superior reliability, faster recharging (only 2.5h) and better sensitivity to temperature variances. Advanced Focus System™ Optics.  Patented reflector and lens combination for intense spot (distance ) or flawless flood (near ) illumination  Smart Light Technology PRO™. Micro-chip controlled multi-option technology. Two energy usage modes, four pre-set light programs and eight light options (Morse, Dim, Position, Power, Low Power, Blink, SOS, Defence Strobe) Emergency Light Function™.  Light switched on automatically if power cut. Dual function, ten stage battery indicator Charging display light Speed Focus™ with Fast Lock™. Instant, smooth, stage-less, single-handed beam selection. Position Fast  Lock™ to prevent beam accidentally refocusing Fast Action Dynamic Switch™. Instant program selector/reactive switch combination. Floating Charge System PRO™. Simple, fuss-free, wear-free contact charging Anodised aircraft-grade aluminium casing. Superior robust protection. Large head size delivers larger flood or spot beam Gold-plated contacts for superior conductivity User-friendly two-piece modular design Water and dust resistant. IPX54
RRP: £330.00
£156.23 ex. VAT
£187.48 inc. VAT
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LED Lenser LED9417 P17.2 Focusing Pro Torch 420m 450 lumens
Professional users seeking the hand-held reassurance of a heavy, longer-bodied torch will thrill to the P17.2, a superb quality torch from German world leader LED Lenser. Made from uncompromisingly tough, aircraft-grade aluminium for protection against knocks and shocks, it weighs 773g and measures 306mm in length. As you would expect from such a large torch it boasts big performance figures too: it has a sensational CREE LED light chip delivering up to 450 lumens brightness, a maximum beam distance of 420 metres and as long as 300 hours burn time. The calibrated reflector lens incorporates the highly-regarded, patented Advanced Focus System to generate homogenous bright white light from spot through to flood beam, without the dark spots or light rings that often make viewing perplexing and uncomfortable in lower-spec torches. A Dynamic Switch on the end of the housing allows the user to select and regulate between Boost, Power and Low Power light options in milliseconds with just one hand. In response to suggestions from first responders like emergency services personnel, rescue teams, military and police officers, this switch has been made extra-large to make it easier to switch on when wearing gloves, while the barrel has been given an understated anodised matt finish for improved all-round grip. Like most LED Lenser torches the P17.2 has internal gold-plated battery contacts for improved energy conductivity and resistance to corrosion. Supplied with 3 x D batteries and a 360° rotating belt-clip for hands-free directional lighting. Brilliant heavy, longer-bodied torch  offering Professionals superb performances and ultimate reassurance Energy efficient CREE Power+ LED Light Chip State-of-the-art, reliable German engineering Advanced Focus System™ Optics.  Patented reflector and lens combination for intense spot (distance ) or flawless flood (near ) illumination  Dynamic Switch ™ - Reactive, large single switch controls light options (Power, Low Power, Boost) and is easier to use with gloves on. Speed Focus™  enables smooth single-handed beam focusing Recalibrated lens for wider light beam angle Robust, yet lightweight aircraft-grade aluminium housing Smart, anti-slip matt black finish User-friendly modular design Corrosion resistant gold plated contacts for better conductivity Water and dust resistant. IPX4
RRP: £87.96
£45.45 ex. VAT
£54.54 inc. VAT
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LED Lenser M7RX Rechargeable Pro Torch 235m 600 lumens
This enormously powerful professional LED hand torch has an intelligent re-charge capability, energy management system and eight micro-controlled light options for maximum user control. Its awesome light intensity comes from a wide-angle reflector lens containing a state-of-the-art CREE Xtreme LED, blasting a maximum 600 lumens brightness up to 235 metres. It features the patented Advanced Focus System for quick, easy phasing from homogeneous, circular local light to a sharply, concentrated long-range beam, and has a one-handed Speed Focus for easy transition from flood to spot. Inside the torch a Smart Light Technology (SLT) suite includes two Energy Modes to regulate power usage, and eight Light Options - Power; Low Power; Blink; Boost; Dim; Defence Strobe; Morse and SOS - across three pre-set Light Programmes. Another helpful electronic feature is the Low Battery indicator, which indicates when batteries are running low. When that happens there’s no need to replace batteries – LED Lenser’s Floating Charge System conveniently allows the battery to be charged without even having to remove it from the housing.  Once charged the M7RX is immediately ready for action. Its German-engineered, aircraft-grade aluminium body and gold-plated battery contacts make it a tough, dependable performer in the hardiest environments but it is still reassuring to know that its modular construction allows for easy upgrade and replacement of components when required. Supplied in a protective hard storage case with rechargeable battery, mains charger, USB cable, wall-mount, wrist strap and 360° belt clip. Rechargeable medium sized torch packed full of the latest illumination technology Energy efficient CREE Xtreme LED Light Chip Increased light output from wide-angle, calibrated reflector lens State-of-the-art, reliable German engineering Advanced Focus System™ Optics.  Patented reflector and lens combination for intense spot (distance ) or flawless flood (near ) illumination  Smart Light Technology™. Micro-chip controlled multi-option technology with two energy usage modes, three pre-set light programs utilising eight light options (Morse, Dim, Boost, Power, Low Power, Blink, SOS, Defence Strobe) Floating Charge System ™– effortless contact recharging Dynamic Switch ™ - Reactive, single switch control Speed Focus™  enables smooth single-handed beam focusing Fast Lock ™ - locks the beam position and prevents accidental  refocusing. 360° Belt Clip enables hands-free  directional illumination Low Battery indicator Robust, yet lightweight aircraft-grade aluminium housing User-friendly modular design Corrosion resistant gold plated contacts for better conductivity Water and dust resistant (IPX54)
RRP: £186.96
£95.34 ex. VAT
£114.41 inc. VAT
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